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BestInOregon.Com records live, in studio, at events, or on the customer's site. Our digital recorders are highly portable. We use Adobe Audition for cleaning sound, adding effects, and exporting the final format for video voice overs, online web access, email insertions, and radio advertising.

BestInOregon.Com does business video

We are agents for Comcast, Charter, and for the local MINET insertion contractor for TV spot advertising. We also use video for cinema ads, pre-roll Internet, Facebook campaigns, and YouTube. We often create YouTube channels for business. We have experience in political campaigns and highly targeted markets. covers live events streaming to YouTube

From covering the Independence Hop Festival to the annual State of the Cities, to the Sable House fund raiser, we have multi-camera experience across miles of activities. We can provide a sound system for events up to 300 people. For non-profits we create PSAs to promote events.


We believe in collaboration and enjoy working with fresh ideas. Our focus is to get your final video the way you want it with the message that best represents you. To be confident we can deliver, we have a lifetime license with so that we can always keep up with the latest features of Adobe products. We are committed to growth in our industry and our switching gear and new equipment are 4k resolution (4x HD resolution). Even our 1910 historic Independence office infrastructure is up-to-date with a Cat 7 local area network and 100 Mbps Internet connections. We are the only agency in Polk County that can stream live video for real-time viewing on YouTube.

Many local people know us for our volunteer efforts. Rod Killen was nominated in 2015 for the Distinguished Service award by the Chamber of Commerce. Eli Killen donated hundreds of hours for local non-profits including the Polk County Museum.

While we do not support a set political party, we do only work with candidates who we believe will make a practical and good impact on the community and have successfully helped with three Polk County Commissioner elections and a State Representative.


Within your community or to the limits of the Internet,
we get your message to whomever you choose.


One of the first meetings we have with customers is to establish the style for each company. We can create a more elaborate style guide of several pages or something as simple as the following color chart. These guides provide different color codes for the different media so that we can maintain the same colors whether printed, on an Internet website, or on video. Yes, there are Pantone color codes as well... if you know Pantone, you probably don't need the chart below ☺ However, Pantone colors are for print and do not translate directly into video work and can be limited for web design.
BestInOregon.Com color chart


Depending on the demographic target you choose, your customers could mainly be viewing your online information through their cell phones. It is important to know the difference of how to promote Facebook ads to show up on cell phones. Or, how to properly implement websites (hint: if it's flashy and blinking, it probably isn't friendly to cell phones).
We frequently use YouTube pre-roll advertising knowing that the message is very effective on cell phones as well as on computers.
BestInOregon.Com example of a YouTube pre-roll ad
We also use Facebook promotions and here is an example of one of our CALL NOW campaigns.
BestInOregon.Com uses various Facebook promotions
Posting QR Codes is the very first mobile action to take and an affordable introduction to mobile marketing. These codes are read as links to URL addresses of your choosing. QR codes do require a free app for the cell phone.


Creativity flows with respectful teamwork and encouragement.


Eli Killen
Eli has long practiced skills with video and audio including rock groups. Whether SD, HD or 4k, he understands the lighting, audio and technical issues to make a project a success.

Rod Killen
Rod has an MBA and has a long history of both traditional marketing. In 2010 he completed an Advanced Certification in Social Media. He focuses a lot on analytics and measurements.


Buster Killen
Buster is often at the office and the first to greet someone. He keeps Rod as his pet

Stetson Killen
Stetson owns Eli. He may own Buster as well. He will own your heart when you come visit.

We Upscale As The Project Requires

We work with a variety of people and businesses to scale our labor pool to whatever size your project needs.

Do we need a Stylist on the set? EdenDawn.Com provides for us.

Does the project require a high-end website for ordering and tracking? We work with Joe Landry on that.

Do we need an animator? We work with Ben Kreger at Warrior Innkeeper for animation, illustration, and graphic artwork.

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HYPER-SYNDICATION: Using different media to tell the same story in the same manner for a consistent message.


Eli Killen

How We Define Success

After visiting with you and gleaning insight of how to use our skills, we journey with you on designing the message and crafting an experience that engages your audience. Together we can encompasses both the strategic direction to get you where you want to be and honor those who are your loyal customers.

In the creation phase, the focus is on messaging to the world you want to target through many different media touchpoints.

Rod Killen


A Beautiful Story

A beautify story requires a happy ending. Do you know your happy ending? Would you know if you're on the road to your happy ending? Measuring progress and success is an important part of any story.

In the creation phase, we talk about measuring, what your expected outcomes are, and how you will know when you reach your happy ending. Every day is another opportunity.


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Support Us

Whatever the media, drop by and let's explore what we can do to help. We work with local designers and printers for handout projects. Our specialty is video so allow us to give you a tour of the Willamette Riverside Studios with 4k live mixing and a virtual green room studio capable of a full virtual set.

 Willamette Riverside Studios

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